Welcome to Shell Engineering & Associates, Inc.

Shell Engineering & Associates, Inc., is an established environmental management consulting company specializing in air quality.  For four decades Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc. has assisted industrial, institutional, and municipal facilities perform their operations using accepted environmental practices.  Our success comes from our ability to communicate, our ability to overcome obstacles by exploring alternatives and the use of proven scientific methods, and our ability to put together common sense strategies. Our background allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to each facility.  This includes the review of historical and present operations concerning air related emissions, providing strategies and permits for future operations,  review and collection of data for ongoing compliance and trend analysis,  dispersion modeling to predict the air quality impact of facilities in neighboring areas, ambient air monitoring to actually measure the impact of pollutants downwind of the facility, and audits to provide an accurate assessment of how well the facility is operating within their permit limitations and regulations at a specific point in time.  Our clients successessay.co.uk benefit from our comprehensive approach and understanding of air quality regulations, and our ability to provide the data and tools (monitoring, modeling, emission calculations) necessary to make informed timely decisions.