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Summary of Environmental Engineering Services

Air Emission Testing and Analysis

Stack Testing for Air Emissions
  • Provide Testing Protocol Detailing Stack Testing Methodology
  • Contract and Oversight of Stack Testing Company
  • Liaison with Regulatory Authority
  • Review Results with Compliance Objectives
Environmental Studies
  • Investigative testing for air emissions.
  • Compliance testing oversight and compliance determinations
  • Air  emission factor development
  • Indoor Air Sampling
  • Odor and Noise Studies
Monitoring Air Emission
  • Air monitoring as Required for PSD Permits
  • Air monitoring to Fulfill State Implementation Plans (SIP)
  • Air monitoring in Support of Legal Actions
  • Air monitoring of Criteria Pollutants, Air Toxics Pollutants, Metals and Organics
  • Fugitive Dust Air Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Air Monitoring
  • Perimeter Air Monitoring
  • Air monitoring used to Support/Validate Dispersion Modeling
  • PSD applications
  • NAAQS compliance determinations
  • Off-site consequence analysis
  • Air toxics
Indoor Air Sampling
  • OSHA Sampling
  • Whole-Building Sampling
  • LEED Sampling
Odor and Noise Studies
  • Sound Decibel Measurements
  • Comparison of Sound to Decibel Standards
  • Comparison of Sound Levels Based on Distance and Location of Affected Personnel
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Sampling
  • Ammonia Monitoring
Data Logger Applications
  • Store and Report Data from Ambient Air Monitors
  • Store and Report Data from Meteorological Sensors
  • Perform Quality Control Checks of Data Received
  • Program to Send Text Messages/Emails when Data Exceeds Thresholds
  • Store and Report on Process Data
  • Provide Web Access to Collected Data
  • Automation of Data Reports
Air Emission Inventories
  • Air Emission audits
  • Air Emission factor development
  • Air Emission reduction analysis
  • Air Emission management programs
  • Quantification of emissions
  • Potential to emit calculations
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Air Toxic Inventory