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Ambient Air Quality Monitoring


Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc., specializes in ambient air quality monitoring services. As opposed to dispersion modeling’s  reliance on mathematical predictions,  ambient air monitoring actually measures for level of air quality at a specific location over a given time period.  The results of ambient air quality monitoring can be used to establish actual pollutant levels, confirm predictions from dispersion models, and provide air quality trends over a long time period. Monitoring data can also be used to refine dispersion modeling outputs and, establish air quality maintenance areas.

Monitoring facilities have been established and operated in New York, Hawaii, Canada, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Independent analysis and auditing of ambient air quality are just a few of the capabilities of our company.

The following are typical air quality monitoring services:

  • Criteria pollutants: TSP H2S SO2 NO2 CO PM-10 Ozone Lead
  • Meteorological Data – Typical parameters include: temperature, humidity, rainfall, radiation, evaporation, wind speed, wind direction and Sigma Theta
  • Non-criteria air toxics, metals and volatile organics (TO – 1 through TO -14 methods, NIOSH/OSHA methods)

Air Quality Monitoring Programs

Because reliable data is the foundation of a successful air quality monitoring program, the strictest ambient air quality standards are applied to the operating methods. The ambient air quality assurance audits are based on the National Institute for Standards & Technology for traceable gases. The firm has developed and rigidly followed procedural and maintenance manuals for monitoring that meet all of EPA’s current guidelines. Our staff and technicians have a thorough knowledge of ambient air monitoring equipment.

Customer service to Shell Engineering means meeting the customer’s needs successfully and in a timely manner. Assistance and training are offered to those who wish to purchase the ambient air monitoring equipment. We will offer training for those who wish to maintain it, audit it for air quality assurance and provide data for themselves. In other operations, complete turnkey sites are established. The client is then provided reliable and acceptable data for their ongoing compliance needs. Of course, ambient air monitoring consists of more than just working with numbers and ambient air quality equipment. Shell Engineering’s complete environmental air quality background ensures that the results of the ambient air quality monitoring studies, combined with the dispersion modeling and permitting reports fully meet the regulatory and permitting needs of our clients.

A client with special needs in dealing with governmental agencies will benefit from Shell Engineering’s good working relationship with governmental agencies and its knowledge of what these agencies require. The firm can advise the client on PSD permitting and provide experienced expert witnesses for various legal cases.

If you’re looking to learn more about our ambient air quality services, contact us today!